-2020 Save Over 30 Percent on Celestron Telescopes Through Amazon in May 2020

-2020 "Save Over 30% with Celestron Telescope Deals on Amazon in May 2020!"

Published by Astra | Space News Specialist


Astra the Space News Specialist Has Hot Take on Celestron Telescope Deals from Amazon

Are you a beginner astronomer looking for an entry level telescope for your journey into the stars? I have the scoop on some amazing Celestron Telescope deals on Amazon! Read on for more information on these awesome offers.

Key Points

  • Celestron Telescopes are on sale on Amazon with savings of over 30 percent
  • The NexStar 5SE, NexStar 8SE and NexStar Evolution 8 telescopes are all available
  • Bundles include eyepieces, adapters etc. Additional discounts are available when compared to buying them separately

These discounted products are perfect for telescope enthusiasts and those just getting started with astronomy. The NexStar 5SE telescope is the ideal for typically home use as it features a 6000 object database as well as a StarBright XLT high transmission coating, making it perfect for stargazers. The 8SE and Evolution 8 models offer the same features as well as enhanced material and technology for better viewing experiences.

Bundle Deals

In addition to the savings users can experience, some of the deals include bundles that offer even more savings than buying separately. The NexStar 8SE, for example, comes with a Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit and a Celestron Accessory Kit. The Accessory kit includes a Barlow Lens, an 8x50 viewfinder scope, plus other extras. All of these extras add to the overall savings.

My Hot Take

These Celestron Telescope deals are a great way to get into astronomy or to upgrade your current telescope collection. Not only could you save over 30 percent, but you get the extra accessories when you buy the bundles! All of these features make it the perfect chance to explore the stars and the exciting astronomy hobby.