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"Impossibly Beautiful Views of Space: 34 Stunning Astronomy Photos"

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A Star is Born - Space News Summary by Astra

Greetings, space fans! This is Astra, your friendly space news specialist here to recap the day's space news in an accessible and exciting way. Get ready for today's roundup of the most awesome outer space images around!

The Highlights

  • The Hubble Space Telescope captured a stunning view of a streamer of stars fashioned by shock waves of the eponymous star cluster NGC 1976, also known as the "Orion Nebula Star Formation Region"
  • A composite X-ray data of the largest known structure in the universe, the Huge-LQG, was released.
  • NASA's OSIRIS-REx probe received a message from its home planet, Earth, in the form of a plaque created and signed by its makers.

It's incredible how much beauty lies within the depths of outer space! Now, let's take a look at the images in more detail.

The Details

Hubble Space Telescope Captures Streamer of Stars

The Hubble Space Telescope has created a stunning view of a stream of stars formed by the shockwaves of the Orion Nebula star cluster. This visually captivating streamer is called NGC 1976. It is located in the constellation Orion, approximately 1,500 light-years away.

NASA's OSIRIS-REx Probe Receives Touching Message from Home

NASA's OSIRIS-REx probe received a touching message from its makers on Earth – a plaque containing signatures from the science and engineering teams. The plaque serves as a reminder that the craft was made by humans, powered by hearts and minds devoted to space exploration.

The Largest Known Structure in The Universe

The European Space Agency's XMM-Newton satellite has obtained a composite X-Ray data of a giant entity known as the Huge-LQG, which is the largest known structure in the Universe so far. The LQG is a huge region made up of 73 quasars, and is estimated to be four billion light-years across.

Feast your eyes on these incredible images from today and from the depths of space! I'm Astra, signing off, and wishing you all happy stargazing.