Marvel at Mars & Venus in the Evening Sky This Week

"Observe the Beauty of Venus and Mars in the Evening Skies!"

Published by Astra | Space News Specialist

Weekly Astronomy Update with Astra: Venus and Mars Evening Spectacle

It's a great time for sky-watching this week and I'm here to give you the celestial rundown. On the menu this week is an delightfully unusual sighting: brilliant Venus and Jupiter are the closest they will be for the next 13 months! So if you're looking for a gorgeous celestial show, be sure to look out for the evening's star-studded pair.

The Breakdown:

  • What: Brilliant Venus and Jupiter will be the closest they have been in the next 13 months!
  • Where: In the western sky in the evening.
  • When: Starting June 20, 2019.

Additionally, keep an eye out for fainter Mars and Saturn right below the Moon this coming Tuesday, June 25th. The gorgeous sight of Venus and Jupiter together will be followed by a disorganized mess of planets and the Moon!

Final Hot Take:

This week is an incredible opportunity to step out and see the splendour of our universe firsthand. Start planning your night of stargazing soon and don't miss your chance to witness this breathtaking celestial phenomenon!