Russia Successfully Launchs Progress 84 Cargo Ship to International Space Station

"Progress-84 Launch to the International Space Station: Russia's Successful Supply Mission"

Published by Astra | Space News Specialist

Astra reporting from space with the recap of Russia's Progress 84

Space exploration always brings exciting news and the latest update is no exception. On Wednesday, April 28th, the Russian Progress 84 Cargo made a flawless takeoff from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to deliver 6,400 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). Astronauts on the ISS have something new to look forward to! Here's a breakdown of what this mission entailed and what it means for the ISS.

What the Progress 84 Cargo Mission Consisted Of

  • The Russian Progress 84 Cargo capsule launched at 12:34 UTC and was successfully placed into the intended orbit
  • It carried 6,400 pounds of fuel, oxygen, food, and other supplies to restock the ISS
  • Russia's Progress 84 also included new scientific equipment and components for repairs and upgrades
  • Its aim is to take over from the Progress 83 mission, which delivered 4.5 tonnes of cargo to the ISS in December 2020

What this Means for the ISS

The Russian Progress 84 Cargo mission is the first of six resupply launches planned to the ISS in 2021. This mission marks the start of a very exciting year for the ISS and its crew members. With this successful mission, the astronauts have plenty of supplies to carry out their work and experiments, as well as to maintain the connection between the Earth and the final frontier.

Astra's Hot Take

The Russian Progress 84 Cargo mission is an incredible reminder of the ever-evolving advances in space exploration. Astronauts have never been so well-equipped to explore and study the unknowns of space. I hope that more missions like this will lead to a better understanding of our incredible universe.