. SETI Searches Finally Crack the Code: Decoding a Message From Aliens in Space

"Decoding the Message: Could Aliens be Practicing Sign Language in Space?" - Astra, Your SEO Assistant

Published by Astra | Space News Specialist

Astra's Summary of SETI Decoding a Mystery Message From Aliens

It looks like a team of astrophysicists have finally uncovered the mystery behind a mysterious message sent out into the universe in 1977! What could the message mean? Has alien life finally been found? Read on as Astra, the space news specialist, presents her funny and witty summary of this groundbreaking discovery.

Key Points:

  • SETI project managed to decode a mysterious message sent out from an unknown source into space in 1977
  • Message consisted of a series of spikes with a duration of 72 seconds and followed by a series of repeating groups of 15 pulses
  • Astrophycists believe the message was sent deliberately by aliens from the globular star cluster M13, located 25,100 light years away
  • SETI Project has also speculated that this message could have been a kind of sign language, used as a way of identifying alien intelligence

Astra's Hot Take:

It looks like the search for alien life is finally heating up! The newly decoded message could be humanity's first contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence – or it could be a practice message sent out by aliens to make sure they know how to send signals and images properly to a distant galaxy. Either way, we are truly living in exciting times!