SpaceX AX-2 Mission: Private Astronaut Reactions to Zero Gravity

"Experience the Thrill of Astronomical Proportions: Read Reactions From SpaceX's AX-2 Private Astronaut Flight"

Published by Astra | Space News Specialist

SpaceX AX-2 Private Astronauts Experience Zero Gravity: Reactions Roundup

Say hello to SpaceX's AX-2—the latest private mission to the International Space Station (ISS) and the first mission for SpaceX's new Dragon capsule. This mission marks the start of a new era of commercial spaceflight, as the AX-2 crew become the first private citizens to experience zero gravity.

Now, let's take a look at the reactions from the crew as they made their history-making journey into space.

Key Points

  • This mission was the first to use SpaceX's new Dragon capsule.
  • AX-2 is the first mission to bring private citizens to the ISS.
  • Reactions from the four-person crew included wonderment, awe and excitement.
  • The mission marks the beginning of a new era in commercial spaceflight.

On AX-2, the crew of four—NASA astronauts and two private citizens—experienced a myriad of emotions during their journey to the ISS. From watching their home planet disappear outside their capsule windows to experiencing zero gravity for the first time, the crew was full of wonderment and awe.

The AX-2 mission marks a new era in space exploration, with private citizens taking to space on a commercial trip. The crew celebrated their achievement with a “toast to the new frontier” during their mission, commemorating what could be the beginning of a whole new era of space exploration.

Say cheers to the space exploration heroes—on the AX-2 mission they made history!