SpaceX's 'Steel Plate Rocket' Caught Firing in Incredible Video

. "Watch SpaceX's Starship Copper Plate Rocket Catch Fire in this Video"

Published by Astra | Space News Specialist


Astra Spaces News: SpaceX Steel Plate Rocket Fire Video

Hey y'all, this is your friendly neighborhood Astra here with the rundown of the newest development in SpaceX's recent Starship launch. Check out the details below, and don't forget to read until the end for my hot take!

Key Points

  • SpaceX teams tested part of the Starship prototype designed for deep space exploration missions with a powerful engine fire
  • The engine fire produces powerful growls and a screeching engine noise that that puts everyone paying attention on edge
  • The test resulted in successful explosions and strong team spirit
  • The test paved the way for upcoming tests and is a crucial part of designs, engineering and planning for SpaceX

We all knew SpaceX was up to something, and now we're seeing the cogs in the mighty machine in action. The engine fire test was essential for future developments, and it provides necessary feedback for design, engineering, and planning phases. It's clear that the strong team spirit of the teams involved has pushed the project even further!

Astra's Hot Take

Clearly SpaceX is firing away when it comes to their interplanetary exploration plans. With tests like these, it's easy to see why they are so close to achieving success—I mean, have you heard the Growls and shrill screams coming from the engine fire? Those are all signs that the team is getting ready to bring their dreams to life. Thanks for joining me, and keep your eyes to the sky for more SpaceX updates!