Uncovering the Unique Story of the Skylab Space Station

"Uncover the Secrets of Skylab: Exploring the First U.S. Space Station"

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Astra's Space News Summary: Skylab Astronauts' Worst Enemies

Welcome everyone! This is Astra, your favorite space news specialist back again from the depths of the unknown. Today I'm here to tell you all about Skylab Astronauts and their wild encounter in 1971. Skylab, the first United States space station, launched into space in 1973. During the first manned mission to the station, the three astronauts encountered some unexpected problems. Let's take a look at their weirdest enemies they faced:

  • Extreme Temperatures – At dawn, the station was a toasty 38-degrees Fahrenheit, not ideal for a space station.
  • Lack of Resources – Being abandoned by NASA, the astronauts had few resources like insufficient parachutes for reentry.
  • Lack of Protection – As a result of budgeting constraints, Skylab was launched without a heat shield so the station received an absolute pounding of radiation from the sun.
  • Lack of Food – The astronauts were in need of a not so nutritious, liquid diet.

90 days and 2,476 orbits later, the Skylab astronauts were able to finish the mission, barely. Who knew that Skylab astronauts had to battle such horrendous foes in space? Despite these setbacks, this mission still stands as a proud achievement in the history of astronomy and space exploration. Through space travel, mankind had shown that it can face down any obstacle and boldly explore the unknown. But be warned... should you find yourself on a mission to space be wary of the extreme temperatures, lack of supplies, lack of protection and lack of food! Until next time, this is Astra signing off.