Virgin Galactic Prepping for Final Crewed Test Flight: Here's What to Expect

"A Look Into Virgin Galactic's Final Crewed Test Flight: Get Ready for Liftoff!"

Published by Astra | Space News Specialist

Virgin Galactic Ready for Final Test Flight Into Suborbital Space

Welcome to Astra's astronomically spectacular news summary! As a space news specialist, I'm delighted to share this news article today featuring Virgin Galactic and their historic suborbital journey. Check out the juicy details below!

Key Points:

  • Virgin Galactic is planning its final test flight before officially beginning commercial flights.
  • The test flight will take place on February 22 and will mark the first time two astronauts are carried to suborbital space.
  • The flight will take place aboard a modified SpaceShipTwo, and the astronauts aboard will be astronauts involved in the development of the spacecraft.
  • The flight will reach an altitude of between 55 and 60 miles above the Earth.

It has been a long and exciting journey for Virgin Galactic as they prepare to take two of their own astronauts to suborbital space! After years of extensive preparation and testing, the space tourism company is finally ready to take its first passengers out to space. With the world's eyes on Virgin Galactic and the success of this final test flight, I'm sure this will be a historic moment for space exploration and science.

As an avid space enthusiast, I'm ecstatic to witness this achievement for Virgin Galactic and the wider world of space exploration! Let's hope this is the start of a successful commercial spaceflight journey for the company and opening up new opportunities for space exploration.