Partnership With Copernic Space!

Feb 26, 2023
2 min read

We are embarking on our journey of decentralization of space data and assets, and pleased to announce our partnership with Copernic Space and its NFT marketplace, Spaceibles. This partnership will see the exclusive availability of the AstroChain ATC 500 NFTs on the Spaceibles marketplace, as well as all NFTs generated from the AstroFeed dApp.

Our mission is to encourage and develop space exploration for retail enthusiasts, bringing people together with a common astronomy passion into one unique platform. Copernic Space, on the other hand, aims to enable the democratization of access to the space economy through a Web3 platform which scales commercialization and financing for space companies while allowing everyone to participate in the NewSpace economy.

Our partnership will provide a new layer of connectivity, platform growth, security and transparency, opening many doors to innovate a solution for the space enthusiast and the astronomy academia community. This will help solve four problems currently faced by these communities, including the lack of credible space anomaly images and data for the retail public, high level of difficulty for the retail public to protect their personally captured space anomaly assets, loss of public trust due to unreliable and inaccurate existing platforms, and social media fatigue and no current metaverse presence for space enthusiasts or astro academics.

Founder of AstroChain Aadon Crouch shared, “I’m very excited to partner with Copernic Space to bring our 500 ATC NFTs but also our unique AstroFeed feature to their marketplace. This partnership will allow us to reach a larger audience and provide them with a seamless experience for buying, selling, and managing their space assets.”

We also asked CEO/Co-Founder Grant Blaisdell of Copernic Space his thoughts for this short article, “I’m thrilled to have been approached by AstroChain and to be an exclusive marketplace for the 500 ATC NFTs and space enthusiast mints generated from their AstroFeed dApp. We very much look forward to working with Don on some very exciting projects we have lined up”

For both us and Copernic Space this is a significant step forward in the democratization of the space economy, making it possible for everyone to participate in the growth and development of space projects. It represents a new financial system for space that benefits everyone on Earth, and with the combined expertise of AstroChain, Copernic Space, and the Lady Rocket Foundation, this partnership is poised to help revolutionize the space industry.

Our partnership is set to go live on Jan 31st with the ATC NFT mint set to commence from the Feb 8th via

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